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Reseller Account

With a Reseller Account Advertiser users can use and manage their subscription account for just their own promotions & products or they can resell the program and manage unlimited customers one level deep. In addition, create and manage unlimited promotional codes per customer.

Resellers can subscribe to Feature-1, 2 or 3, or any combination on a monthly basis and resell features to their customers. Each feature can be subscribed to independently of the others and added at anytime.

  • Feature 1 = Mobile Text Promotions & Text-to-Win, Nth Winner, Alerts
  • Feature 2 = Mobile Text Promotions & Media Links, Alerts
  • Feature 3 = Mobile Text Promotions & Text Alerts, Archive, Send a 2-Way Msg

Each Single Feature is $50/mo and includes 250 free clicks/mon, thereafter a low per message fee is charged. Sign up for a Reseller Account at:

The infoRSVP Platform offers Resellers at least six (6) different ways to generate revenue:

  1. Resell "customer" accounts under your account.
  2. Up charge "customers" an incremental pay/click rate above yours.
  3. Sell subsequent email and home mail campaigns from consumer opt-ins.
  4. Sell 3rd party text ads or media link ads.
  5. Participate in the GossRSVP Referral Commission Program.
  6. Sell or bring on API customers to enhance your click revenue volume.

The variety of features and code types available to infoRSVP Resellers allows flexibility in generating creative Mobile Marketing Solutions.

All Reseller features with SMS & Http are available within the United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Feature 2, Http applications are available for global use via 2d QR codes with campaign metrics provided.

Reseller accounts require a credit card that will be billed monthly. For additional information, please contact or call 800-319-1457.

Within minutes your Reseller Account and campaign code(s) can be live.