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Import & Look-up Service

Advertisers or businesses who want to leverage their existing customers, consumers or employees "Opted-in" mobile cell phone numbers can do so easily with the infoRSVP Import utility. The import utility allows you to import your existing cell numbers into promotional alert codes for communicating directly to your customers, consumers or employees via mobile whenever you want.

Are you an advertiser or business dissatisfied with your existing mobile platform? We can work with you to transfer all of your exiting "Opted-in" cell numbers to the infoRSVP platform. The migration of cell numbers into your infoRSVP Account can be done quickly and efficiently.

Existing Accounts can import "Opted-in" phone numbers to their Text Alert program code(s) from another database via .csv files.

Accounts that want to import existing "Opted-in" cell numbers must agree that the phone numbers Imported are valid opted-in phone numbers collected via legitimate business methods. Accounts must agree to not buy cell phone lists to manually input numbers or manually input non-opted-in cell phone numbers.

infoRSVP reserves the right to terminate any Account Owner, or Customer or Promotion that violates these terms and conditions, and/or fails to follow the Mobile Marketing Association's Code of Conduct, and Consumer Best Practices Guidelines.

Businesses just looking to gain the mobile carrier ID associated with each of their existing Opted-in Cell numbers can utilize the infoRSVP Look-up Service.

For users that want to import existing phone lists, learn more about importing, Look-ups Services and fees please contact: or call 800-319-1457.