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Press Releases

Media Statement - September 24, 2010

Graph Expo Preview

Please visit us in Chicago. We have a lot to talk about.

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Media Statement - April 6, 2010

GossRSVP "Media Link Service" now available worldwide

The GossRSVP Media Link Service is now available globally for advertisers, publishers or any business that wants to create Internet mobile media to engage consumers via non-proprietary 2-D quick response (QR) codes.

Media Link Service is a self-service subscription program that provides a media campaign creation dashboard, mobile-ready content and websites, a QR code generator, tracking metrics, a reseller model, white label self-branding ability, and more, in one application.

The GossRSVP program, established by Goss International, allows mobile phone users to interact with print and other media through simple 2-D QR barcode technologies.

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Media Statement - December 21, 2009

Wave2 Media Solutions adds GossRSVP interactive capabilities to its growing i-Publish AdPortal self-service advertising platform

Wave2 Media Solutions has signed an OEM agreement to add GossRSVP interactive mobile features to its i-Publish AdPortal platform. The agreement makes it easy for advertisers to add interactive codes to ads created through the AdPortal, allowing consumers to interact with the ads via mobile phones. Wave2 will offer GossRSVP mobile messaging as a white label addition to i-Publish AdPortal. An advertiser will be able to visit an AdPortal site and purchase an ad package for a print or on-line ad that will be embedded with a unique message ID.

"Wave2 Media's i-Publish AdPortal is being used by some of the largest newspaper chains and other media outlets," explains Brian Gorman, vice president of sales for the company. "We are excited about integrating the GossRSVP media-to-mobile features within our platform, giving advertisers the added-value option of including interactive components within their ads."

The Wave2 Media i-Publish AdPortal is a complete self-service web site that allows advertisers and individuals to create ads and place them in print or on-line media. With the addition of mobile messaging, Wave2 will make available the only self-service solution that offers print, on-line and mobile messaging in a fully integrated self-service AdPortal.

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Media Statement - August 20, 2009

Growing GossRSVP program marks first anniversary and takes high profile at Print '09 Show

  • Show attendees can text "gossrsvp" to 64842 for news and special offers
  • Webinar scheduled for August 25
August 20th, 2009 - The GossRSVP media-to-mobile program reached its one-year anniversary on August 1, and its numerous interactive marketing applications will be demonstrated at the Goss International booth during the Print '09 show from September 11-16 in Chicago.

The GossRSVP program allows mobile phone users to interact with media through text messaging and 2-D bar code technologies.

"Despite the downturn in the economy, the market for and the interest in media-to-mobile solutions have grown steadily over the past year," according to Roger Belanger, who heads the GossRSVP program.

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Media Statement - February 13, 2009

Consumer Print: Time to Connect

By Roger Belanger, GossRSVP, LLC

Digitally connected industries such as inventory, shipping, logistics and ticketing enjoy the benefits of instant connection to the Internet, tracking metrics, feedback, efficiencies and improved ROI via enterprise scanning devices. Consumer print is one of the few major industries yet to take full advantage of digital connectivity. As a result, more than five trillion pages printed in North America* each year provide one-way communication when many of them could provide a much richer two-way communication experience.

The time is right for a "digital connectivity revolution" in consumer print. Goss technology has long been a driving force behind the most innovative print and finishing operations. Now the GossRSVP print-to-mobile phone solution is a platform well suited to drive this revolution and give printed products an interactive connection.

Today GossRSVP offers technology via a cell phone that allows consumers to text, type or scan a code seen in print, opening the door to virtually unlimited interaction and fulfillment options. The most widely used method to interact with promotional codes in consumer print is by text messaging (SMS), but when consumers interact with the Internet, they just click. The GossRSVP program is aiming for that same level of easy interaction.

Print is already a "World Wide Web", and the cell phone is the new mouse
Print will remain pervasive. Studies show that it still has nine times the audience and fourteen times the page views of the Internet.* Advertisers spend more than $250 billion annually to get their messages across through printed newspaper, magazines and direct mail. The revenue generated as a result, while sometimes difficult to measure precisely, is certainly staggering, as is the influence of non-advertising editorial and informational content delivered in print.

All of this takes place largely without two-way interactivity and the measurable response rates that have always been an elusive "Holy Grail" of print. The challenge for print going forward is to leverage its proven core strengths while also evolving to stay competitive and compatible with electronic media. Greater connectivity through the GossRSVP technology is one of the most compelling answers.

Free Internet access via wireless and wi-fi hot spots is continuing to expand. Consumers expect access all the time, and providers aim to capitalize. The freedom of connecting laptops, MP3 players, smart phones and other devices in homes, by the pool, at the coffee shop and at the airport, can become a reality for print-to-mobile-to-Internet engagement and not be affected by associated carrier costs for Internet compatible mobile phones.

The Internet has shown us that consumers want interactivity and the ability to link seamlessly to additional related content. One of the best things publishers, printers and advertisers can do is to give consumer print a direct Internet connection. GossRSVP welcomes the leaders in these industries to participate and drive a "digital connectivity revolution" in consumer print. Visit our blog at to explore further.

About GossRSVP, LLC.
GossRSVP, LLC, a subsidiary of Goss International Americas, Inc., is a print-to-mobile solutions provider dedicated to making print interactive. The company and its partner, UpCode, continue to drive scanning of smaller codes leading to full integration within print. For details visit e-mail or call 1-603-743-5505.

*Sources: & Zenith Optimedia, NAA & DMA-07, Nielson Mobile

Media Statement - August 20th, 2008

GossRSVP interactive media program now available for advertisers and publishers

Advertisers and publishers throughout the United States can now use the unique GossRSVP program to increase reader engagement and interactivity of print media.

The program, established by Goss International, allows mobile phone users to interact with print and other media through simple text messaging and 2-D bar code technologies. Mobile phone users may optionally choose to download to their phone an application developed by GossRSVP together with Upcode Ltd. making the system even faster to use. Advertisers and publishers can learn more, open accounts and download actual GossRSVP codes for use in their advertising or other materials by visiting

"The mobile phone is evolving as the personal communication tool," explains Toby Clarke, vice president for Goss International. "The GossRSVP program links this technology with print, enhancing the already high ROI value of print by making it more interactive."

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Media Statement - January 3, 2008

Goss International testing new "GossRSVP™" program

In December, Goss International began testing GossRSVP™, a new system that prompts readers to interact with print via their cell phones.

In the pilot program, advertisers and publishers are including a small GossRSVP™ logo with a two-dimensional bar code and alpha-numeric sequence in their print media. Readers, depending on type of cell phone, can scan the code or send a text message to receive a response, such as a coupon, which is sent back to their cell phone within seconds. Print media users, such as advertisers and publishers, in turn receive direct feedback on response rates. The cell phone interaction and response data is managed by the GossRSVP™ server. The return message and incentive may be changed instantly.

"Print continues to deliver a very strong return on investment, and this interactive capability can enhance the value by documenting the reach and effectiveness," explains Goss International vice president Toby Clarke. "The GossRSVP™ program complements our ongoing innovations aimed at making print media more valuable and dynamic."

Goss International is testing the GossRSVP™ program with a limited number of advertisers and publishers near its facilities in New Hampshire. The company expects to expand geographically and add features such as ongoing reward and loyalty programs for consumers. Clarke adds that the interactive GossRSVP™ concept could be used with other media in addition to print advertising, including packaging, billboard, signage, and electronic media.

Additional information is available at and

Contact: Greg Norris ( 1+603-750-6864

Pilot Launch for new GossRSVP™ program

On Thursday, December 20 Goss International began testing GossRSVP™, a new program that prompts readers to interact with print via their cell phones. Advertisements from local businesses are running in the Foster's Daily Democrat and Portsmouth Herald newspapers. Each ad includes the GossRSVP™ logo and a unique code. Readers that respond by sending a text message to the code receive a coupon or incentive from the advertiser. Advertisers, in turn, receive direct feedback on the impact and effectiveness of their print ads.

Several employees from Engineering and IT have been developing the GossRSVP™ program as a new business opportunity, complementing ongoing innovations aimed at making print media more valuable and dynamic. You may learn more by visiting and