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Text-To-Win, Nth Winner

Available with Feature Set-1 only

Mobile offers via Text-to-Win based on Nth Opt In
This feature allows advertisers to send out a winning mobile coupon or other incentive only after a designated number of opt-ins. Also, a standard mobile promotion can be enhanced to offer a higher incentive every select number of Opt-ins.

Specific Text-to-Win on Nth Opt In examples:

  • At a retail location, consumers can take a chance of winning an incentive

  • (i.e. every 5th consumer that buys a coffee can get it free.)
  • Enhance a standard mobile promotion.
  • Promotion at a sports game to drive traffic to a vendor area.

How Text-to-Win on select Nth Opt-ins works:

  • The first message created is the "Sorry you are not a winner" message, or a mobile coupon of a "Lesser value"
  • The second message created is the "You are a Winner" message, or a mobile coupon of a "Higher value". Every Nth Opt-in gets the "Winner" or "Higher value" message.