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Mobile Landing Pages

Available with Feature Set-2

A unique and simple way for collecting consumer information via print or other media is to use mobile landing pages. Consumers can text a code to obtain a web link or they scan a 2d QR code to take the consumer to a landing page. Use landing pages to collect consumer information in exchange for some offer.

The web link can be accessed directly by scanning the code with a web enabled phone or it can be used on a computer in the same way that any web address is entered.

Mobile Landing pages provide real time metrics and feedback on consumer sms clicks and web site page views.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows advertisers to easily collect consumer marketing information, with or without an offer or incentive.
  • Advertiser email notification upon form submission
  • Data captured for viewing and exporting via .csv file
  • Forms are customizable with advertiser's logo and text.

  • (Custom landing pages can be provided on request for a fee)