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Request Feedback
Any promotion code (keyword) created with infoRSVP allows immediate feedback on any campaign. There is nothing extra to do. Advertisers can now allow consumers to give their feedback on any text promotion. This is a great way to acquire feedback, do marketing research and get the reader involved all at the same time!

Example Uses

  • A newspaper or magazine can let readers text their opinion of articles and can publish responses in the next issue or online.
  • A local restaurant could allow customers to text in and tell them how their experience was in exchange for a coupon. The restaurant receives immediate market research while the customer is given a coupon as an incentive in return.
  • Any business can collect consumer information voluntarily such as an email address, home address, etc which they can use for future advertising, or build an email campaign.

How it Works:

  • Reader texts the promotion code or "keyword" followed by a space and then types their message (total 160 characters)
  • Reader responses are stored in a database and are viewable via the export feature
  • A promotional offer is sent immediately to the participating consumer