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Subscription Account Creation & Unique Reseller Ability

Anyone and any business small or large can now open a infoRSVP Subscription Account and manage their own interactive promotions. Whether you are an individual placing your own ad in a local paper, or you are an ad agency, a newspaper publisher, or a magazine publisher creating ads and promotions for hundreds of customers, the infoRSVP System is for you.

You can subscribe to RSVP Features 1, and/or 2, and/or 3. Each feature can be subscribed to independent of the others and added at anytime.

Feature 1 = Mobile Text Promotions & Advanced Text-to-Win Messaging
Feature 2 = Mobile Text Promotions & Media Links
Feature 3 = Mobile Text Promotions & Subscription, Text Alert Opt-in/Opt-out Programs

  • Each feature costs $50/month and includes 250 free clicks/month
  • Subscription accounts are opened by credit card on-line
  • Accounts include 10 sub-customers accounts. Unlimited customers may be added for a nominal fee per customer
  • A pay-per-click fee is charged beyond the allocated free clicks, rate depending on volume

Account Owner to Customer Ability:

  • Use and manage subscription account for just their own promotions & products
  • Manage unlimited customers one level deep

Account owner Reseller Flexibility:

  • Offer the infoRSVP service to your customers as value added or for revenue generation
  • Sign up monthly "customers" at a rate equal to or less than your subscription fee
  • Charge monthly "customers" an incremental & reasonable pay/click rate above yours
  • Charge for third party advertisements placed within Picture Link promotions
  • Charge customers a 1-time fee, then a pay/click fee to try it
  • Sell customers a "One-off" Code with X-clicks to try it
  • Sell customers codes on a pay/click basis only

Promotion Creation:

  • Generate unlimited RSVP coded promotions, get a daily report for each customer and clicks on each promotion created, and get a monthly invoice summary of total billable clicks
  • Create single opt-in & multiple opt-in codes
  • Create codes and limit the number of clicks
  • Convert a code from one type to another type
  • Each code is uniquely & random generated code
  • Vanity codes can be created upon request

infoRSVP Logo Applications and Self Branding Ability:
The application and use of infoRSVP can be used in one of many ways:

  1. As provided with the infoRSVP Branded Logo.
  2. Account owner's own cutomized logo brand utilizing the infoRSVP System features.
  3. Non-branded use of infoRSVP short code & promotional codes

Please click on the "sign up now" link above to open an account and to view terms and conditions and billing information.

Or contact infoRSVP Sales @ 800-319-1457

Or E-mail your name and address for a sales representative to contact you.