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Frequently Asked Questions

infoRSVP™ System Enhancements

Q1: As a consumer, does it cost me to use your service?
A: Only standard text messaging rates apply.

Q2: What phone carrier services work with infoRSVP?
A: infoRSVP has been certified to work with all phone models that are text-enabled and provided by the following mobile phone carriers: Boost, AT&T Cingular Direct, Cellular One, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, VirginMobile, US Cellular, Alltel and Tier 2/3 Carrier Groups, Appalachian Wireless (East Kentucky Networks), Bluegrass Cellular, Cellular One of East Central Illinois, Immix (PC Management), Revol Wireless, Unicel (Rural Cellular Corporation), West Central Wireless, Centennial Wireless and Associated Carrier Group Cellcom, Cellular South, nTelos, Cox, Cricket, Golden State Cellular, Cellular One of NEPA, & Viaero Wireless. Rural Carrier Groups, All West Communications US, Breakaway Wireless US, Chat Mobility US, CTC US, Farmers Mutual Telephone Co US, Northwest Missouri Cellular US, Nucla-Naturita Telephone Co US, Panhandle Telecommunications US, Pioneer Cellular US, Pocket Wireless US, Revol Wireless US, Silver Star PCS US, Simmetry Wireless US, Snake River PCS US, South Central Communications US, Sprocket Wireless US, Strata Networks US, Syringa Wireless US, and Union Wireless US.

Q3: Where does your service work?
A: The infoRSVP Short Message Service (SMS) on Custom Short Code 64842 is available within the United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Feature set 2 is avaible for Globally use with the http Url 2d QR codes.

Q4: If a problem occurs with a promotion, who do I contact?
A: Email or call 800-319-1457.

Q5: I want to create a coupon or promotion through infoRSVP to promote my business. What do I do?
A: infoRSVP is a subscription service; you can simply subscribe and start today. Or you can contact infoRSVP at to purchase a one off code and they can put you in touch with an account owner in your area.

Q6: How does infoRSVP™ work for me as a consumer?
A: It provides you a simple, convenient and fun way to earn value with your phone.

Q7: Will my phone number be distributed out to telemarketers?
A: No, your phone number is kept confidential. Your phone number is only used to identify a valid response, and prevents you from multiple participation of the same code. Each coupon code can only be accessed once.

Q8: Will I keep receiving text messages from infoRSVP that will potentially increase my phone bill?
A: No, each of your replies is a single transaction. This means when you send a text message to obtain the offer you see in print, we send you what the program is promoting, nothing else. We call this Opt-in, what you Opt-in for is what you get, that's it. Only your standard text messaging rates apply.

Q9: What is the point of this service?
A: To make media convenient and interactive in today's digital era including articles, coupons, promotions, polls, and just about anything you can think of!

Q10: How can I be sure this is not a scam?
A: infoRSVP™ takes pride in the integrity of our products. We welcome any questions or concerns you have regarding our products and services and encourage you to visit our current clients' websites to see how infoRSVP™ is working for them. infoRSVP™ is in compliance with MMA guidelines and anti-Spam laws as they apply to text messages and the only charges consumers receive are standard text messaging fees from their service provider.

Q11: Can I participate in a promotion more than once?
A: It is largely dependent on how the advertisers setup the promotion; if you are not allowed to get it more than once, the reply message will let you know.

Q12: What is a "Text to Win" Promotion?
A: It is where you text in to win the offered item in the ad and your phone number registers you to win the featured item. In most cases, you also receive in your registration reply message a discount mobile coupon just for registering. If it is a text to win promotion and you win, a second and last message will be sent notifying that you are a winner and will contain contact information.

Q13: What is an Opt-in/Opt-out Text Alert Program?
A: You as the consumer have the choice to be notified via text message from a certain retailer regarding, for example, their weekly or monthly special. This is known as the opt-in. To participate, a special code will be offered from retailers that can be acted on by consumers to opt-in to be notified about their specials. If you later decide you no longer wish to receive the promotional texts, just text message the same code and you will be opted out of their program.

Q14: What was the logic behind creating this technology (the "two-way" communication)?
A: To enhance the value of print. infoRSVP's core mission is to enhance the value proposition of print for advertisers. We develop technologies to reduce the cost of print through automation, autoplate, autotransfer and wider, faster presses. infoRSVP was founded on making print interactive and providing tools that enhance print's value. The two-way interaction provides real time metrics.

It is important to note that infoRSVP tools are for all media applications, including publishers and advertisers. We develop the tools and features for all to use to access through a subscription service. Therefore, publishers, advertisers or anyone for that matter can white label the infoRSVP tools as their brand. infoRSVP does not provide any promotional items or compete with customers using the service.

Q15: How does it work? The users can text, type or scan codes they see in print, but then what?
A: Account users of the infoRSVP system create promotional codes that are designed to work with text messaging (SMS) or direct to internet (http). That means all cell phones in the USA can participate with the advertiser's promotions via text messaging. i.e., text 1Coffee to 64842. Today ~ 70% of all phone subscribers use SMS. Account users can also utilize the 2D bar code with the code number under it in their print ad. The consumer can still just text the code they see under the 2D bar code, or scan a code via a free 3rd party open market scanning software. See link at our website, under downloads that simplifies the SMS or Http use.

A differentiating point of our program is that you are not dependent on the 2D code; therefore the consumer does not have to download anything to participate. We leave it optional to enhance the participation with a phone scanner. In addition, there is no cost to the consumer to use the program other than their standard text messaging plan or rates.

Q16: Why would publishers want to use infoRSVP?
A: Making static products interactive leads to the capturing of and subsequent use of consumer metrics. The interactive features we enjoy today on the internet can also be realized from print. Print is a web in itself, and the cell phone is the new mouse. Therefore, anything we can do today on the internet with a mouse, we should be able to do in print. The value for publishers is unlimited.

Q17: What are the benefits?
A: In today's market advertising needs to cross many touch points, and our program opens a new dimension. It provides tools to make print more relevant to the digital consumer, provides two-way interaction, tools for call to action with various fulfillments, tools to collect consumer metrics with fulfillment methods, via phone, e-mail and mail. The applications today are compelling, but the ongoing possibilities for print are endless.

Q18: How can they monetize it?
A: There are at many ways publishers can monetize it.

  1. They can resell the service to their advertisers, i.e., would you like to make your static ad interactive?
  2. They can up-charge their pay/click rate
  3. They can reuse / sell demographic data
  4. They can sell 3rd party text ads,
  5. They can earn a residual commission for any referral account brought on.
  6. Etc.

Q19: When was this service launched?
A: It was launched July-08

Q20: What are the costs for using infoRSVP?
A: Please see our "Product Suite" pages for pricing for your needs. If you have any questions, contact us today!