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infoRSVP Client Software (for phones with or without a camera)
Please note; as of January, 2010 infoRSVP has ceased use of its proprietary 2D code and phone software client. Rather we have adopted the open globally accepted 2D QR code and allow consumers to utilize any globally open market phone scanning / decoding software. Accounts using infoRSVP now have promotion codes available to use as SMS text codes, or 2D QR Codes automatically generated in both SMS and Http. For your phone to be able to read 2d QR bar codes you will need to installed software on your phone. Click here to view various open market 2d code readers to Download.
Additional scanning software can be found by searching the net, search: "your phone" 2d QR bar code scanners infoRSVP is not responsible for 3rd party software or license terms indicated by them.