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infoRSVP™ Mobile Marketing Solutions provides cost effective Mobile Marketing tools. We offer Solutions from a simple text message, to 2d QR Codes to solutions that will integrate with your current business applications. Regardless of your Mobile Marketing needs, we'll get you started and help you grow with scalable solutions.

The possibilities are endless.

"The most simple MLS text messaging service on the market today" - Robert, NJ
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How does it work?

This is a simple three step process.

  1. Decide on what mobile promotion(s) you would like to offer.
  2. Create your promotion(s) with infoRSVP and obtain a unique RSVP code.
  3. Place the code in your print ad.
As consumers respond to your code, prompt feedback will be provided.

Scan Your Codes

Turn your phone into an InfoRSVP scanner!

With a mobile scanner the consumer's experience is enhanced and simplified.

With the use of the global standard, non-proprietary 2d QR codes, mobile users may choose to download and use “any” open market scanner application to their phone to interact with codes.

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